Became An Author


Most of the web designers keep themselves busy with their clients and don't realize that they are not getting the complete out of their potential. If you are a web designer who is offering web design /development services you can also make some income online by selling website templates.

Imagine creating what you want, when you want, from the comfort of your own home, making passive income whether you're working or not. It does not take a lot of efforts and one template can bring you money for the next couple of years. If you have 10, 20, 50, or 100 templates available for purchase and each template costs a minimum of $20, let's assume that you made 20 sales daily. How much you will have? Isn't that good money?


If your item is approved for sale, you will receive a percentage of every sale into your account earnings. You have a choice on how you sell your items. As you upload your items to sell you choose to sell them exclusively or non-exclusively.


As an exclusive author on the EnvaxoMarket Marketplace you are eligible to earn between 60% or 70% of every sale. As an exclusive author you may sell your items on EnvaxoMarket Marketplace only, it means your items cannot be sold elsewhere.


As a non-exclusive author on the EnvaxoMarket Marketplace you are eligible to earn 40% or 50% of every sale. As a non-exclusive author you may sell your items on EnvaxoMarket Marketplace and on any other marketplaces including your website.


Once your balance has reached $50, payout will be done automatically to a PayPal account that you specify.

Once your balance has reached $1000, you may request a payout transfer by Bank. Transfer payment includes additional fees and charges.

All payouts through PayPal or Bank transfer paid automatically on the 15th day or on the last day of month. If the payout day falls on a weekend or Canada public holiday the payment will be made the next business day.


As an author, you taking care to prepare your items properly according to our instructions which you will receive by email. Then, the item will be inspected by our review team to ensure the item works. If your item is approved, we will discuss an appropriate price and the item will then appear on our website.

If an item is not approved, we will provide some explanation on whether the item needs a small improvement to be accepted, or is not appropriate for sale here.